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Tree stumps are a stumbling block on your property. They create an unsightly feature on your manicured or landscaped garden. Luckily, you can hire a local Oxnard stump removal service to solve your stump problems. We have professionally trained and experienced stump grinding experts who will saw until there is no trace of it. We help restore your landscape to the uniform layout you have always desired.

Why You Should Remove Stumps

Tree stumps are not only an eyesore, but they are also a nuisance that keeps propping up unwanted shoots on your compound. Most trees have strong and deep roots that continue to absorb nutrients long after you have cut them. These roots are the ones that cause the stump to continue producing shoots that re-sprout every time you remove them.

Tree stumps are a landscaper’s nightmare. They disrupt the harmony of other designs on the landscape by creating uneven contours and sprouting suckers that look starkly different from the other plants on the compound.

Sometimes homeowners apply frills containing herbicides on the tree stump after cutting to prevent re-growth. While such action may control the growth of unsightly shoots, it may take several years for the stump to decompose naturally. It remains an eyesore that needs to be removed to restore the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

If you have noticed stunted plants near a sprouting stump, it could be because it is sucking nutrients from the topsoil. Tree stumps not only deprive your lovely flowers and exotic herbs of nutrients and water, but their roots also obstruct the growth of healthy roots. And when they start decaying, they attract pests that may end up attacking plants on your garden.

A Health and Legal Risk

Stumps are an obstacle that interferes with mowing and other beautification activities. They pose a risk of injury to the mower as you could trip while cutting and sprain your knee or ankle. They can also damage machine parts when hit it in the thick of action. And while gardening, they could rupture a hosepipe if it gets entangled by the stump.

Tree stumps are a health hazard to your children. If your kids love playing on the garden, stumbling on a stump could result in a leg break or even loss of teeth. And even if you warn them, they will still engage in mischief and trip while fighting over toys or playing at night. Stumps are also a potential legal risk that could lead to lawsuits if visitors like utility workers fall while working on your compound. You could end up having your work disrupted by court battles and hefty penalties for leaving them on your property.

Why Hire a Stump Grinding Service In Oxnard, CA

We encourage Oxnard homeowners to hire professional stump grinders rather than trying DIY hacks. You wouldn’t want to damage property with wood chips flying in all directions. Experts know how to saw away parts without producing large pieces that can harm people or property. Some stumps are located in sensitive parts of your property such as near power lines, septic tanks or drainage pipelines. Experienced stump grinders know how to remove them without damaging the utility systems. We also advise you on how to get rid of tree roots in sensitive parts of your property.

Our tree care experts wear protective gear and bring all the equipment needed for the task. We grind through the stump expertly to ensure that all that is left is fine sawdust that will quickly decompose into mulch for other plants. We also level the area of the stump so that it is consistent with the rest of the landscape. Give us a call today at (805) 262-8437 for a quote.

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