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Trees are beacons of beauty, strength and stability. Even so, there are unexpected situations when your tree becomes diseased, dies or becomes damaged during a natural disaster. You need our experienced professionals to get to the root of the problem. We provide a good number of tree removal benefits to Oxnard property owners.

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The Removal of a Burden

Most people enjoying seeing great trees in front of people’s yards. However, there are times when a tree becomes more of a public nuisance than a scenic attraction. It’s even worse when the neighbor’s tree branches dangle into your own yard.

Many trees are scenic yet messy. Some species of trees leave behind messes in the forms of acorns, pine needles or leaves. Paying a professional to clean up piles of debris in your yard is expensive.

Removing a Danger After a Storm

A tree after it’s been struck by lightning can have all kinds of damages. Some trees are split down the middle or have zigzag wounds along the side. If the tree starts dying, it will spoil the surrounding soil and leave decaying matter in the yard.

During storms, other trees have been toppled over by hurricane-strength winds. One type of tree could be ready to topple over and barely hanging by its roots. Even if it never falls down, it is still a danger to your house and passersby. You cannot expect to have your landscaper take out his landscaping tools and haul a massive tree out on his trailer. It takes an Oxnard expert to remove a tree that is unsightly and hazardous to your yard. 

Stump Removal

In addition to removing tree, we remove stumps and other remnants of trees. We will finish the job of a previous professional who didn’t remove the tree properly. Stump removal is necessary to maintain the good appearance of your yard. In less than an hour, we can remove the stump and return your yard to normal.

Evaluating a Tree’s Health

You may be unsure of the true health of your tree. There are signs that your tree is decaying and will die before it can be restored. Seeing red dust forming along the base is one sign of decay. Another sign is the sight of insects and fungi that are feeding on dead or decaying matter. Additional signs of rotting are open wounds and discoloration that seems to worsen over time. These are signs that no landscaper is able to save the tree.

Oxnard tree professionals will arrive at your location and perform a thorough evaluation of the tree’s health. We’ll recommend the best individualized plan to handle the tree removal that same day. Soon after the removal, you’ll notice changes being made as the natural environment restores itself.

Whether you have an emergency or an inconvenience, you need a tree removal service instead of another landscaping project. Hire us to have your tree removed right away. At Oxnard Tree Service, we provide same-day services and remain available overnight. Call our office today and leave all of the work and hassle to us.